Thursday, September 14, 2006

Whitney Quits Bobby - Jay Z Quits retirement

The shakey marriage of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown — which withstood drug addiction, Brown's numerous arrests, the decline of Houston's once-sparkling image and domestic abuse allegations — is coming to an end.

Grammy-winning, superstar singer Whitney Houston filed for divorce after 14 years of marriage to Bobby Brown.

Brown's lawyer said Houston had filed papers for a legal separation.

When they wed in 1992 the union seemed to be a mismatch. Houston — once one of the best-selling singers in history — was a glamorous, pop superstar with a super-clean, princess-like persona, whereas Brown, who rose to fame as a member of the boy band New Edition before striking out on his own, was a sometimes coarse R&B singer with a more street-wise image.

But as the years wore on, it would become hard to determine which one was more troubled. Brown — best known for hits like "My Prerogative" and "Every Little Step" — would be arrested numerous times for drugs and alcohol, while Houston's own battles with substance abuse tarnished her image.

"It takes two to make things work, so I have to be there for her just like she was there for me when I went through my rehab stint Bobby told told "Access Hollywood".

The couple did separate for a time a few years ago, but their marriage endured, despite rumors and speculation. Their life was put on display last year with Brown's reality series, "Being Bobby Brown" on Bravo. The show actually made Brown look like a stable influence, while a jittery Houston was on display; the couple often crudely talked about their marriage and love life.

Recently, Houston has made attempts to clean up her public image. On Tuesday night, she attended a public event with cousin Dionne Warwick and mogul and mentor Clive Davis in Beverly Hills. And she is working on an album of new material; she hasn't released a record since 2002.

Her musician husband recently reunited with New Edition for a show at July's Essence Musical Festival. The show got mixed reviews from the audience when Brown jumped suggestively around the stage and made vulgar remarks about his sex life with Houston.

Call him Michael Jordan of rap. Jay-Z, who said 2003's "The Black Album" would be his last, is out of retirement and releasing a new CD.

"Kingdom Come" will drop in the fall "It was the worst retirement in history," Jay said.
Actually, his retirement career was all good. In 2004, hebecame president and CEO of Def Jam Recordings. He became part owner of the New Jersey Nets that same year. Also on his resume: Boyfriend of Beyonce.

Since his "retirement," he's gone on a world tour, performed on hit records with Beyonce and other entertainers, and had a profile higher than most working rappers.
"Something, when you love it, is always tugging at you and itching, and I was putting it off and putting it off. I started fumbling around to see if it felt good," he said.

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