Saturday, October 7, 2006


Yesterday Soundscan reported that Janet Jackson's latest album 20 Y.O. sold 296,000 copies - one of her worst showings. Reports are that Virgin Records execs are furious over Janet's lackluster performance. And now it is out that Jermaine Dupri may be getting fired as a result.

Virgin Records blames Jermaine Dupri for Janet's poor album sales according to someone that works there. The insider explained, "Janet Jackson is a pop icon, and Jermaine tried to turn her into an R&B singer ... she's [EXPLITIVE] Janet Jackson not Letoya Luckett." The angry insider continued, "this was really a great album, I still can't figure out how Jermaine messed this one up so badly."

And according to the source, Jermaine Dupri was on thin ice at Virgin even before the album was released. The source tells, "during the build up for Janet's album, Jermaine made some comments that people around here thought were racist ... he said that Janet makes music for Black people ... I guess he didn't want White people to buy her album." The source continued, "after he made those statements, [a top Virgin Records executive] told me that if Janet didn't sell big, Jermaine was getting fired."

opular blog and online magazine HHN Live are also reporting that Jermaine's job is in jeopardy.

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