Thursday, November 16, 2006

Urban film club

Clanagan Media Group, LLC and BrandImageryGroup have joined forces to create, known as the “first-of-a-kind” complete offering of urban entertainment-content direct to consumers. promises to provide a groundbreaking approach to delivering film content to the mass urban audience via DVD or digital delivery to homes, phones, offices, mailboxes and computers across the country, giving consumers multiple opportunities to connect with entertainment content.’s “Movie of the Month Club,” a monthly fee-based subscription service, will deliver subscribers urban independent films to own on a monthly basis, providing titles that have never been released theatrically or released on a very limited scale. The online retail store launches with over 150 titles, all relating to the urban/African-American experience. Digital/broadband internet downloads and streaming rentals are set to begin next quarter.

The store is already online and selling. The first “Movie of the Month” title “Steve Harvey: Don’t Trip He Ain’t Through With Me Yet” (a concert film starring Steve Harvey) will go out December 2006.

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