Friday, December 8, 2006


Guess who needs to get a new weave master?
Look at Beyonce's passport closely she is not the 23-25 age that everyone thinks ,the conclusion is that Beyoncé's real age is 30 - and not 25 as her bio insists . Let's look at the evidence: Star Search was a very popular show which ran from 1983 to 1995. If you do a Google search for Beyoncé + Star Search, you will see that Beyoncé was on that show (with her then group Girl Tyme) in 1983. If she was born in 1981 she would have been 2 years old when she appeared on the show!. That means she was actually 7 or 8 then (in 83) and is 30 now! more evidence is from friends and schoolmates of Beyoncé when she was a schoolgirl in Texas, they are all age 29 toe early 30's and they say she is 30. By the way most stars do this!

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