Friday, February 9, 2007

HIT SONG WRITER & Singer NE-YO works w/ Britney Spears

Los Angeles, CA (AHN) - Some people may say Britney Spears needs all the help she can get if she wants a pop music comeback and she has it in Ne-Yo.

The R&B star, writer and producer has revealed that he has been working with Spears' "people" to collaborate and create a new top-selling album.

Spears has not had a hit studio album since before the PR nightmare that was her marriage to Kevin Federline.

Ne-Yo told MTV, "I've been working close with her A&R people. They talk to her every day and are basically coming to me with information as far as songs she's looking for."

However, what Spears doesn't want is some bubble gum pop about her failed marriage to K-Fed.

He added, "One thing they told me was, 'No more songs about Kevin. She's got a 12-CD disc changer full of songs about Kevin. She don't need no more of those.'"

Ne-Yo wrote Beyonce's latest hit and songs for mario,himself and others that all went to number one . Brittney who has fallen alot of notches after months of excessive partying and sloppy appearances, should end up being good enough to regain the respect of fans with her new album, Neyo said.

He concluded, "It's come along nicely, I did about five or six for her so far. I don't know what she's going to keep, but it's coming along nicely. If I had to make a prediction, judging not just the stuff I've done, but the stuff I've heard she's done with other people, I think she's got a shot to come back. I really do."

Spears' album is expected to be in stores by mid 2007.

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