Saturday, August 25, 2007

VIV FOXX turns 43

Vivica Fox's party the other night ended up being a mess according to the Daily News. Apparently her car didn't show up so Star Jones had to give her a ride to her own party.

She was also pissed that Remy Ma even showed up since she was ordered to stay away thanks to her pending lawsuit (she showed up anyway in the same dress as VIV ), and her $2,500 check bounced that she was supposed to get for appearing at the club.

Celebrity stylist Messiah McNair admits he was responsible for the bounced check...but then he put Viv on blast when he found out she put him on blast about those insufficient funds:
"You can say she was drinking," McNair claimed, which, if true, would mean Fox was in violation of an order issued earlier this month by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge. Fox was barred from consuming alcohol, pending her upcoming arraignment on a March DUI.

"I poured red wine for her into a can of Red Bull so she could drink," McNair claimed. "She asked me to do that."

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