Sunday, January 13, 2008

Urban Entertainment Recognition STAR TROY JULIAN GIPSON

Entertainment Marketing Executive TROY JULIAN GIPSON has been behind the careers and moves of some of the most popular music , film & model stars since 1998.

In 1998 he advised Bad Boy records executive Sylvia Koto that Bad Boy should get into Giving back to the community via a computer give-away campaign to youth and diversify its music portfolio by getting involved with latin music or a latin celebrity. Soon thereafter Bad Boy President Sean Combs reached out to Jennifer Lopez and helped make both of them bigger stars ,while also starting a community project that gave computers to New York youth. He also had advised them to get into internet marketing as Gipson was an IBM executive at the time. Bad Boy then utiliized blue flame marketing on variuos internet projects to brand their artists online.

Truth be told , Video Vixen Vida Guerra would not be an internet and modeling star if it were not for Troy Julian Gipson, as he reached out to her when she had no website and advised her he could help make her a star via an online memebership site as he understood the online commerce game. He advised her webmaster Anthony every step to take to get her set up to to do business online and utilizing anthonys gspn company to create online graphic tools , submitted photos to every high traffic site online for college students and minorities, makinn Vida the most searched for model on During this time gspn switched its business plan from helping athletes put together multimedia packages to developing other models online as they learned from Gipsons consulting how lucrative online memberships and merchandise could be.

Troy Julian introduced Vida to his Los angeles contacts- Icon party productions and American Idol judge Randy Jackson. Vida moveed to los angeles and is still seen on virtually every red carpet because of this. National lampoon films was also contatcted by Gipson , ad he advised that they put Vida in the next film as she was perfect for their demographic. Vida was contacted and signed to appear in "dorm days" another succesful film in the National lampoon history of films.

In 2002 Gipson bega speaking with a memeber of hip hop artist The Games camp and layed out a marketing plan tha included strtegic appearances, internet strategy and creating buzz online. He expected to work for The Game as this insider was utilizing gipsons marketing strategies to make himself look good to games management. He had advised also that game attend a black college football game to intorduce him to a large network of black college kids that would buy his music. When the game was was working on his Cd , Gipson advised that they shoot footage and create a documetary and include it with the CD, Game's CD was titled the Documentary and went on to sell 5 X platinum. The game ,nor his manager were aware that some of his best marketing plans were comming from an aquaintenance of his advisor that was inside the camp....Troy Julian Gipson.

In 2004 Troy Julian Gipson was instrumental in intoducing Applebottoms clothing as he produced the first large fashion show for applebottoms at Black Expo weekend where attendence was over 340 thousand that weekend. Gipson also suggested that melyssa ford be involved with the print campaign and and subsequentialy she was hired ,as the brand had always insisted on using hood girls utill that point.

Black Planet.Com was the FIRST social networking site and Troy Julian Gipson joined the site in 1998,in 2005 he consulted with thesite to re-launch the site in 2006 /2007 and many of the new features and artist association and contests were Ideas of Mr. Gipson.

Troy Julian Gipson has partnered behind the scenes and conceptualized, produced marketed and guided other models,Marketers, Promotors ,Celebrities and corporations as a consultant as he is a visionary that has the Leadership , marketing ,Internet and entertainment skills to predict the future of business in music, film and fashion. Below please find Troy Julian Gipsons insight to comming trends for 2008 and beyond.

1.There will be a cell phone and email directory as curretly they do not exist.

2.artists will have ringtone and mp3 song deals as the big music corporations will stop giving traditional record deals.

3.model and talent agencies may be pushed to the sides as companies will start finding all commercial and film talent online.

4. all fashion shows and events will be broadcast online in real time so there will be no need for an audience , as everyone will have a VIP view.