Monday, February 11, 2008

Troy Julian Gipson does the GRAMMY awards

I left out on a flight from the midwest on saturday and got to Los Angeles just in time to party at the Clive Davis Beverly Hills Hotel party ,and at Avalon . The next day I had to work hard to get tix from my fellow industry connects to get into the show which starts at 1pm in the afternoon on the west coast and goes live at 5pm .

After the grammys I didnt make it to any after parties inside but I did drive by a few like the interscope and def jam parties but it was back to the hotel for me and my wife. we had to catch a 5am flight that put me back in the midwest at noon. I am so on empty right now . None of the photos below are mine but they tell the story .

I cant carry cameras to the events I attend , as I will be labled a paparazzi or a fan. I am an Entertainment Industry Executive and Music/Film producer I am TROY JULIAN GIPSON