Monday, December 29, 2008


In a futile attempt to salvage its ratings, American Idol is making a few minor adjustments this coming season.
These adjustments are scheduled to be announced later this week however they’ve already been leaked via an AI fansite which somehow got a hold of a production memo.
Without changing too much of the show’s format - which initially earned it top ratings - AI will be making a minor shift toward “real talent.”
- There will be fewer audition rounds (and thusly, less of Simon’s sarcasm) and more Hollywood episodes, to shift the emphasis on “aspirational” singers, rather than attention-hungry whores or those inflicted with “I think I can sing” syndrome.
- The semifinalist round will be expanded to 36 contestants instead of the usual 24.
- Return of the second chance “wild card” round.
- Idol Gives Back has been canceled for next year, but will return in the 9th season as an every-other-year event.
I hope this gives the show the kick it needs to revive its ratings!