Saturday, April 25, 2009

Movie Review- Obsessed

Went to see the movie last night and although it is no Oscar contender , it is good. Produced by Magic Johnson and the Knowles family, it played to a packed theater in my area.

But check this out-there seems to be an underlying problem that I suspect will become more evident soon. "Racism" , yes it seems since the central stalker figure played by Ali Larter is after a black man , (Idris Elba) and his wife is black, most of america wants to dismiss the movie as the worst thing ever made.

Critics Reviews are down right mean and curiuosly rude and it is so eveident. This movie is a better modern fatal attraction- So here is my take:

1.white men dont want to see a white woman desiring a black man.
2.white women dont want to see a white blond woman getting turned down AND beaten by a black couple women want to see beyonce beat a white girls ass for sniffing around her man. men are saying " see we dont want blondes , blondes want us"

So to me the over all premise of this film is a catalyst for fear.....fear of the swirl........ interracial anything still makes most people uncomfortable when they have to watch it for two hours!