Friday, October 9, 2009 Goes In -New Reality Show !

LisaRaye will be using her new reality show to put some former best friends Star Jones and Vivica Fox on bast . Here’s how the NY Daily News is reporting it:

“LisaRaye hosted Star at her home in the Turks & Caicos for three weeks when Star was going through her divorce from Al Reynolds," says a source close to the TV One series. "When the tables turned and McCoy's marriage ended, Star was helping LisaRaye's husband."

That allegedly included counseling Misick and even recommending her personal damage-control publicist to aid him during the messy split.

McCoy says she was also double-crossed by former best friend Fox, who allegedly shared McCoy's most intimate secrets with Misick. "LisaRaye hasn't spoken to Vivica since," said the source.

And there’s more. Word is that LisaRaye is going to talk all about her ex-husbands extracurricular activities - including his many affairs.