Friday, December 18, 2009

Halle Berry is the baddest!

Halle Berry is still BAAAADDD in her short hair and all black!

Nicole Richie intriduces her jewelry and clothing-House of Harlow

Diddy-Sade-Jermaine Jackson

P-Diddy Sean Combs now has his very onw wax figure

SADE @ HER NYC Listening Party


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Who looks better?




10 second Urban News

Sean Combs plays like James Bond in his new Colonge ads.
Nelly greets kids during Jingle Jam at the mall.

Babyface and wife take their son with them on a shopping trip.
Chris Brown is pissed that stores are blackballin his music

Somebody Call Peta on Whitney Houston !

Will Smiths Kids look like cartoon characters

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tiger Woods-Drama

More and more shenanigans are coming out of the woodwork. Now they are saying that Elin confronted that shady Rachel Uchitel character and broke Tiger’s tooth:

“I’m hearing stories coming in from everyone from every direction. What’s going on?” Elin asked Rachel, according to an insider, who adds: “Rachel denied she had an affair with Tiger, and told her, ‘I’ve walked your husband to a table at [the NYC night club] Griffin, made sure everything was OK, and that’s the extent of our relationship. It’s ridiculous and crazy that people are saying that I slept with him.’”

Rachel — whose fiancĂ© was killed on 9/11 and whose lovers have included Derek Jeter, David Boreanaz and, reportedly, Ryan Seacrest, Alex Rodriguez and Stephen Dorff — was so convincing that Elin even thanked her for her time before hanging up.

But at 1 am on Nov. 27, Elin called Rachel again — this time her mood had changed. “I know everything,” the mother of Tiger’s two young children yelled at Rachel.

Within minutes, Elin and Tiger were involved in a furious fight. As Star reported yesterday, things got so heated, Elin threw her cell phone at Tiger, hitting him in the face and breaking his tooth.

“She then grabbed a golf club and chased him around the house, doing tens of thousands of dollars of damage,” a source close to Tiger told Star. “Tiger ran out to his Escalade barefoot to get away from her” — and was in such a state of panic that he crashed into a fire hydrant and a neighbor’s tree after pulling out of his driveway.

This ~ish is on some straight soap opera “Young & the Restless” type bulldookie now.
source bossip

Golf superstar Tiger Woods was incapacitated by prescription drugs in the early morning hours of Friday, Nov. 27 — not by a golf wedge wielded by his wife as some of you insist on believing.


Tiger Woods was admitted to Health Central Hospital the day after Thanksgiving as an overdose.

Sources connected with the hospital tell TMZ the admissions chart lists “OD” and that he was having trouble breathing.

it may make sense now to me that Woods’ wife Elin Nordegren would bust out his car windows to get him out of the SUV because he was completely disoriented by the drugs and had no clue where he was going at that time of night.

Woods was taking prescription Ambien for sleep and the narcotic pain killer Vicodin at the time.

There was also a rumor circulating yesterday that Elin moved out of the home she shared with Woods and their two children. But there is no confirmation of that .

So far 10 women have come forward claiming to have had extra-marital affairs with Woods.