Friday, January 14, 2011

OJ's lawyer has proof OJ Didnt do it !


Photo by: AP

 OJ SIMPSON's former lawyer F. LEE BAILEY says he has proof the Juice didn't kill his ex-wife NICOLE SIMPSON BROWN and RON GOLDMAN.   SO............

In a 46 page doc posted on the website of his legal consulting firm, Bailley attests that the Juice was indeed innocent and says he has new evidence that clear the disgraced footballer who's currently in jail for a kidnap-theft conviction.

"The facts offered here are either largely unchallenged, or much more persuasive than those contrary views which have been argued," Bailey blogged on the site.

Bailey, 77,  who was part of Simpson;s defense team in his sensational 1995 criminal murder trial along with lawyers Johnnie Cochran, Robert Shapiro  and  Robert Kardashian plans to turn the document into a book.

"O.J. - apart from the infliction of injury on Nicole - has no history of resorting to raging violence to solve his emotional problems," Bailey wrote in the documents, adding a psychiatrist agreed OJ had never been psychotic.

Simpson who was found innocent at the murder trial was later named responsible in a civil trial and was forced to make financial restitution.

Bailey now says he didn't publish the evidence to clear his client in the public eye because people were too biased following the backlash of the "not guilty" verdict.

"I had always decided to move forward, but was convinced it would take time until anyone has an open mind," Bailey wrote.

Man.....They were out to get OJ from day one ...they never investigated Nicoles's friends or boyfriends.......