Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chris Brown is his own worst Enemy ! Smashes window @ ABC Good Morning America

Ok, so Chris brown was at ABC studios in NYC for a performance & interview with Robin Roberts Co-host of Good Morning America. Chris didnt like the Rihanna beating questions and went back to his dressing room and threw a chair through the window, then ran out of the building with his bodyguards shirtless..WTF!!! 

Not a good look Chris -  They will use this against you because the media is racist sometimes , and will only Give folks like Charlie Sheen a pass with 'Hero" status, not your little Black A$$. Later Chris was seen shopping with his pretty Lil  Girlfriend soon after the incident. White folks are already saying they will boycott dancing with stars if he keeps his appearance there next week.  You messed up again Bro
Who is your publicist???