La Toya Jackson is convinced her brother Michael was murdered. From the bottom of her heart, murdered. And she knows who did it. The second half of Jackson's memoir, 'Starting Over,' deals with her gradual reconciliation with her famous family, specifically Michael. The outspoken singer-actress pulled no punches when PopEater caught up with her to discuss her controversial theories about the King of Pop's death and her belief that Dr. Conrad Murray was just a "fall guy" in an insidious conspiracy to kill. Why? To attain the bottomless pot of gold that is MJ's song catalog. And who told her this was going to happen? Michael. She tells us she's fighting this fight, even if it's unpopular within her family, because she wants what's best for Michael's three orphans. "Michael always used to say, 'La Toya I want to leave everything to my kids,' and here they have absolutely nothing," she said.