Monday, August 1, 2011


Ron Artest, the 31-year-old NBA basketball player for the Lakers, is changing his name to Metta World Peace.
The eccentric move was revealed by celebrity news site but does not take effect until August 26, giving Artest time to make the required public declarations in his local newspaper.

It's about star power, you know, it's all about that positive energy, I've been doing so many positive things lately," he said.
"It's not about changing my image, I always tell people I'll never change, I'm still the same dude from the 'hood.
 "But it's about doing different things and being inspirational, I love being inspirational."

Artest joined the Lakers in 2009, on a five-year deal worth $33 million that has proved something of a personal and sporting renaissance for the fiery player.

"I want to thank my doctor ... my psychiatrist, she really helped me relax a lot," he told a television reporter on court.
"Thank you so much, it's so difficult to play ... there's so much commotion going in the play-offs, and she helped me relax."

Artest also told TMZ he chose Metta - a Buddhist term that means loving kindness - in his name because he wanted his fans to think about what it could mean.
"(We) wanted people to research it, and actually see what it means," he said.
"I'm still having fun, it's not like I'm preaching and I'm Gandhi ... it's just fun, all postive energy."

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