Sunday, February 19, 2012

Whitney Houston -why was I at the Beverly Hilton hotel ?

if you have followed my little blog since 2005, you would know entertainment is a big part of my life and not much excites me........I am not a fan of celebrities , as I consider myself a part of the entertainment field as a manager,producer,film-maker and agent . However I still wonder why two things happened to me and my wife , the weekend Whitney Houston died ,and I never even  got to meet her.

1. Why was I at the hotel when the first police cars came on the scene oblivious to what they were responding too? (I was there to pick up my credentials to the clive davis party saturday afternoon at 3pm and told my wife something strange was going on there ,on the low ...quietly)

2. Why did pandora music suddenly  load and start playing  donnie mcclurkin gospel music on my idle cell phone  as I passed the the side of the building where I had seen a fire-truck on the side of the hotel where whitney's room was ? after she had passed........I have since found out she adored donnine mcclurkin and his music,and he sang at her homegoing procession.

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